Physical Computing Class at City of Bridges High School, Pittsburgh

Homework 2


due at the start of class on Tuesday 2/18

This homework is drawn straight from my course at Carnegie Mellon, “Introduction to Physical Computing.” I’ve linked it at the bottom of this page. You now know enough electronics and programming to do a university-level homework assignment!

That said…please don’t sweat it if you’re very lost, or run into too much confusion to continue. Please work with your classmates as much as you’d like. It’s more important to learn meaningfully than to shotgun do everything all at once.

You’re only responsible for Deliverables 1 and 2 in the homework (don’t worry about code submission):

  1. Demonstrate your working LED blinky party at the start of class on Wednesday.

  2. Draw a schematic for the circuit(s) you build. Make your drawing on paper, and don’t worry about lines being perfectly straight, etc. You can use the schematic we drew in class, and those which appear on this page, as style guides. Use a piece of unlined 8-1/2”×11” paper, and write your name on it: you’ll be handing it in at the start of class.

Here’s the link to the CMU assignment

Good luck and seeya Tuesday!