Physical Computing Class at City of Bridges High School, Pittsburgh

Homework 1


originally due at the start of class on Thursday 2/6; extended to Tuesday 2/11

  1. Browse some historical electronics texts and find an experiment of interest. It could be interesting because you think it’s strange, beautiful, confusing, exciting, or for any other reason. I’ve compiled a short list of historical texts here which you may find as a useful starting point. There are many other sources for these sorts of documents! For instance, try a Google Books search, or do your own search of

  2. Post a very brief summary of the project as well as a link to the page the experiment is on. This should be posted on the Google Doc which is linked from the main Block 5 assignment sheet (that link isn’t posted here). When you’re doing the submission, please use this format:
    your first name
    brief description
    the URL of the project

  3. You will briefly share out this experiment at the start of class on Thursday 2/11.

Example submission

An example of what you should post on the assignment document (to complete assignment part 2):

This is a drawing of a model of an experiment that Michael Faraday performed, where he built a large cage with wires going around the outside and discovered that adding an electrical charge to the wall of the cage didn’t affect anything inside of it.