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Cleanroom tweezers

An improvised tweezers holder that is cleanroom safe (and fashion forward!)

Cleanrooms are production or research environments where dust-sensitive work is done. They use air filtration systems to pull particulate out of the air, but cleanroom users also have to follow protocols about what they can bring in so as to minimize the introduction of small airborne particles into the facility.

For instance, you can't use a pencil in the cleanroom because you might make graphite dust as you write with it. So you write with a pen.

At RPI, my lab collaborator Sarah was annoyed that she couldn't bring her tweezers case into the cleanroom because it was against protocol. Carrying sharp tweezers around isn't the best thing, either. When you're doing nanofabrication work, though, you need tweezers all the time.

I made her a plastic tweezers case that was also a pendant necklace so she could tweeze in style both in and out of the cleanroom.

The construction was very simple—a piece of thermoplastic that I molded around the tweezers so they'd tuck right in:

And after:

The necklace was a surprise present to Sarah so I took the opportunity to model it myself in our lab space, not the cleanroom. (If I'd taken the picture in the cleanroom I'd be wearing one of those bunny suits.)

Why is this room red? Because it's UV-shielded since UV-activated chemical processes are run in there, and you don't want the party to start before you've put out the appetizers.

Classy! Asymmetrical! And very much not available on Etsy, I'm sorry to report. ⁂

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