R Zach

About this site

I wrote it from scratch and it took a while.

I decided that in the interest of making things look like I actually want them to look, and because I like learning new things, I'd try to use building this site as an opportunity to pick up HTML and CSS.

I did a quick web course on those two scripts, and then filled in the many, many, many blanks with lots of googling. I also used a smattering of Javascript for particular small purposes such as cycling the background image of the homepage based on the clock time of the user. (In case you hadn't noticed, every hour you'll see a new background.)

I used Brackets for development, which has made it much easier to work on the code and see immediate results.

Countless hours of effort later, I do have a bit of a bone to pick. One thing I discovered about web layout is that it's really ugly and the standard of interoperability is much lower than I would've expected. You can't, for instance, make a variable using a line of Javascript and then refer to that variable in HTML or CSS. This is dumb, I think. It's strange and confusing that there are so many different ways of making things look the way you want them to. And while I get the idea of sequestering the content from the style using CSS, it seems like a very clunky way of achieving that end.

However, everything I have to say on this subject should be taken with a few grains of salt as I'm definitely a novice. The main point I have to make is: it's been quite a bit harder to be a web novice than say, a Python or Arduino novice, and I think that's too bad.

I also decided, in an overeffortful burst of zeal, to make the site "responsive" so that the legions of devoted readers out there constantly checking their cell phones for fascinating updates won't be left in the cold. This also took more hours than I care to admit to, but I get a special tax write-off for having a responsive website so it's all worth it.

If you have questions or comments I'm all ears: {rz at rzach.me}

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